Developer resources

We hope that developers everywhere make use of the APIs we build for our projects. Over time, you'll find a growing number of APIs listed here, along with resources and documentation to assist with their use.


The API provides a means for agencies that use the service to administer it through a web service.


The Discovery API drives the Discovery Market Research Tool. It contains information on the vendors that are part of the OASIS and OASIS Small Business contracting vehicles, such as their contracting history, their elligibility for contract awards, and their small business designations.


The FOIA Modernization API lists all agencies for whom a FOIA request can be submitted. It also includes components within those agencies that are large enough (and well known enough) to have their own FOIA system.


The Hub API provides web services for the 18F Hub, a repository of team and project information (more details here).


The OpenFEC API is the first RESTful API for the Federal Election Commission. It aims to make campaign finance more accessible for journalists, academics, developers, and other transparency seekers.

18F Initiatives

/Developer Program

The /Developer Program is a suite of tools and resources to assist in the production and management of government APIs. The information is available to all and can be readily repurposed to the needs of individual agencies. Furthermore, the program includes various options for direct support which are available to any federal agency. Learn more from the blog post announcing the program. is a free API management service for federal agencies. It provides an API with analytics, a proxy layer, and an API key solution.

API Standards

The 18F API Standards is a living document that serves as internal guidance for our developers as they build web services. We also want our partners to better anticipate how 18F projects operate. Please suggest improvements as we are always looking to improve our practices.

Open Source Policy

The 18F Open Source Policy dictates our procedures when developing projects — both in how our team operates and how it interacts with the wider community. We believe that working in the open makes for better products. This policy is a living document, so please suggest improvements.